December 2018
Friday 7th - 5pm to 9pm
Saturday 8th - 4pm to 9pm
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Candlelight 2018

2018 - Friday 7th December and Saturday 8th December

Please note the parking restrictions and road closures. No parking in Dunster. Roads closed 5pm to 9pm Friday and 4pm to 9pm Saturday. More detailed information on this is in the top section of BUSES AND PARKING above.

Candlelight 2017 was a great success. Lots of people and brilliant but cold weather.

£6,446.20 was handed over to the Hospice.

Many thanks to everyone for their help and cooperation particularly the residents of Dunster

2019 - Candlelight will be Friday 6th and Saturday 7th December.


For more information about 2018 you can contact the co-ordinators for Dunster by Candlelight who are:

Hannah Bradshaw (Website, General enquiries and programmes) Phone: 01643 706355

Anne Perryman (Parking, road closures etc.) Phone: 07488320708. e-mail

Anne Perryman (Coach parking bookings) Phone: 07488320708. e-mail

Sally Mann (Entertainment) Phone: 01458 259638

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